world map icon Portuguese The fourth most spoken language in the world Source: Observatório da Língua Portuguesa
Preparatory Course

Preparatory courses are your best passport to community integration and academic life. If you want to improve your Portuguese language skill or if need help/guidance to improve your entrance exam grades and get you into a Portuguese higher education institution, this is what you’re looking for!

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Portuguese Language Course

Learning a foreign language unlocks new personal and professional opportunities. Learning Portuguese allows you not only to enrich your curriculum but it is also a great way to create a new contact network. Increase your chances of succeeding by learning the fourth most spoken language in the world.

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Programs for International Students

International programs include international modules, tailored programs and summer courses. These programs combine academic internationalization experience with a cultural and business involvement.

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Double Degree Courses

The Polytechnic of Leiria provides double degree programs giving students the possibility of a dual certification.

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Paises que falam língua portuguesa
Spoken all over the world

From Europe to Africa, from Asia to South America, there are more than 260 million portuguese speakers spread across the world. When it’s not the official language, portuguese language thrives as cultural heritage with the established immigrant community in countries such as the United States and Canada or closer to home, in most european countries.

Vinod Kotha

I remember being in India anxiously awaiting to fly to Portugal thinking about what would need to know to have a successful stay, reading about how portuguese was among the 6 top languages business leaders should know. Never would I’ve though that learning portuguese would give me ability to work in Portugal, easily connecting the Portuguese economy with India, my home country.
The world is more global than ever and so am I.”

Vinod Kumar Kotha, Master in Product Design Engineering