Crisis Management in Disruptive Times

Open Staff Week: Applications until 6th February, 2024

Crisis management in disruptive requires a proactive and flexible approach to navigate uncertainty effectively. The Polytechnic University of Leiria is offering two practical workshops this week that cover various areas, including a crisis management simulation game and a support group following the Ubuntu philosophy. We understand that this task will be challenging due to the wide spectrum of possibilities. Higher Education Institutions must be prepared to respond effectively, whether dealing with war, inflation, pandemics, stagflation, aging, gender, religion, addressing mental health in the workplace, or other unforeseen events,

A comprehensive crisis management plan is essential to identify potential disruptions and vulnerabilities in the workplace, in addition to those on a global scale. Challenging times call for programs to overcome anxiety and work pressure. We aim to contribute to a holistic perspective by providing simple and comprehensive tips in various areas.

  • Mental Health
  • Ciber Security
  • Business Management Game

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