Food Engineering

Food Engineering

Course Type:
Master’s Programme

Programme Coordinator

Carla Sofia Ramos Tecelão








Morning & Afternoon


4 semesters


General contingent: 15
International student contingent: 10

DGES certification



The course of MSc. in Food Engineering aims at providing students with solid background in essential topics of the food industry enabling them to design a product, a process or an industry / food business in an integrated manner, focusing aspects such as: processes control; food industry and food services problem solving; food safety and security with special attention to public health and consumer care based on specific regulations in particular, chemical and microbiological aspects. Another objective is related to the development of attractive food products, as well as safe, to consumers in general, or for a well­defined consumer segments. Also aims to develop student’s capacity for innovation in the design of new food systems or processes by incorporating new concepts. Confer practical experience through working, individually or in teams, in the laboratory and by project work or trainee programs. Develop general skills for technical/scientific independent and critic work.

Study Plan

ECTS: 120

Entry Requirements

1. Holders of a course in food science, technology or engineering, organized in 180 ECTS in agreement with the Bologna Declaration.

2. Holders of a pre­Bologna 5 year course in food science, technology or engineering.

3. Holders of a pre­Bologna 3 year BSc course, or a 3 year first cycle of a bietapic degree in food science, technology or engineering.

4. Holders of a foreign diploma able to be declared by the Technico­Scientific Council as equivalent to any of the diplomas mentioned in previous points.

5. Holders of academic and/or scientific graduations complemented with professional experience, attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies, as judged by the Technico­Scientific Council.


State: Accredited
Nº years of accreditation: 6
Publication Date: 07-03-2017
A3ES Accreditation

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General contingent 0€
International student contingent 500€

Tuition Fee

General contingent  1140€
International student contingent 3000€

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