Palliative Care

Palliative Care

Course Type:
Master’s Programme

Programme Introduction

The 2nd Cycle of Studies in Palliative Care (PC) receives the contribution of several sciences that support the production of knowledge and performance in the scientific area of Health Sciences and other health areas, with the objective of post-graduate training individuals who perform or intend to perform functions in different contexts of PC.

The students of the Master in PC must develop specific skills in terms of: a critical analysis of contexts, projects, devices and activities of PC; Clinical practice at the level of PC; Design and implementation of projects and dynamics of PC, in formal and non-formal clinical contexts; Team intervention in the field of PC in formal and nonformal clinical contexts; impact assessment of projects and actions of PC

Programme Coordinator

Ana Isabel Fernandes Querido








3 Semesters


General and International student contingent: 25


Edital 2024 (PT Doc)

DGES certification




Students should develop specific skills in terms of:

  • Understand the values and principles of PC and mobilize them for care practice;
  • Demonstrate skills in the implementation of an integrated care plan and centralized in the palliative person, family and social group of belonging, relieving suffering, through the maximization of their potential;
  • Demonstrate skills of ethical and critical reflection in the analysis of complex situations in PC;
  • Develop care practice experiences with different PC teams, whether inpatient or community, in the country and/ or abroad;
  • Develop technical skills, clinical judgment and care practices based on evidence that generates innovation in the PC provision/ organization models;
  • Play an active role in organizational change processes aiming at the highest quality of care and the creation of health value.

Study Plan


Entry Requirements

People who can apply to the Master’s Degree:

a) Holders of a Bachelor’s degree or legal equivalent conferred by national IES in the following areas: Nursing, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Psychology,Social Work, Physiotherapy, Dietetics and Nutrition, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and other professionals involved in the provision of PC;
b) Holders of a foreign higher academic degree, or legal equivalent, conferred following a 1st study cycle organized in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Process by a State adhering to this process in the areas mentioned in
point 1;
c) Holders of a foreign higher academic degree, which is recognized by the Technical-Scientific Council (CTC) of the ESSLei as meeting the objectives of the degree in the areas mentioned in point 1;
d) Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized by the CTC of ESSLei.


State: Accredited
Number of years of accreditation: 3
Publication date:

A3ES Accreditation (updating)

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Enrolment Fee

General contingent: 50€
International student contingent: 100€

Tuition Fee

General contingent: 1140€
International student contingent: 3000€