Assessment and Accreditation


Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education

A3ES - Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior

Institutional Accreditation

Politécnico de Leiria is accredited by the Portuguese Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education, known as A3ES. Read more about the results of the accreditation process on A3ES’ website

Programmes Accreditation

All our programmes are accredited by A3ES and comply with all legal requirements.

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U-Multirank is a multidimensional, user-driven approach to international ranking of higher education institutions. It compares the performances of higher education institutions in the five dimensions of university activity: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement.
View the latest Politécnico de Leiria’s U-Multirank performance evaluation.


European University Association

External examiners play a vital role in the maintenance of academic standards. That’s why, in 2007, Politécnico de Leiria applied to be evaluated by the European University Association (EUA).

At the time, EUA suggested 23 short-term changes and improvements on strategic planning, institutional governance and management, as well as internationalisation and development of internal quality assurance systems.

Three years later, EUA carried out a follow-up institutional evaluation.

In its final report, EUA said they were impressed with Politécnico de Leiria’s progress and the fact that we were able to implement most of their first recommendations.