Research Support


For the future, Politécnico de Leiria plans to

  • Continue to support, streamline and consolidate its R&D+I activities;
  • Establish and strengthen partnerships with other national and foreign institutesand research units, encouraging participation in joint projects;
  • Promote the exchange of researchers from the Polytechnic of Leiria with other national and foreign institutes and research units, as well as the integration of external researchers in our research units;
  • Strengthen and broaden existing partnerships or postgraduate training, both with other higher education institutions and with the local business sector;
  • Stimulate students’ participation (undergrads and postgrads) in our R&D+i activities.

We believe our R&D+I ecosystem will enable us, in a confident and sustained way, to achieve all these goals, so that new and more ambitious ones emerge, allowing us to continue to contribute to the improvement of our local, regional, national and global societies.