12th december at ESAD.CR EP1 Auditorium, 14h30.

Multimodal interactions are crucial during creative and sensemaking tasks, helping to keep knowledge workers (e.g., researchers, information analyst) and artists in a flow state. Although desktop and laptop computers are still quite present technology in our offices, laboratories or studios, it is possible to observe that other technologies, such as smartphones or tablets, are also becoming important working tools. These technologies have introduced novel interaction modalities that go beyond the keyboard and mouse paradigm, e.g., touch, pens, inertial sensors. Find the interactions and software tools that take the most advantage of such modalities and help knowledge workers and artists in their work practices is still an open question. In his talk, Diogo Cabral will present and discuss different technologies and studies applied to creative and sensemaking contexts.

About Diogo Cabral:

Currently, Diogo Cabral is Senior Research Fellow at Interactive Technologies Institute (ITI), LARSyS, IST, University of Lisbon. Previously, he was Assistant Professor at University of Madeira, where he lectured in the Human-Computer Interaction Master program (MHCI) in partnership with HCII, Carnegie Mellon University. Diogo was also a postdoctoral researcher at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT)/University of Helsinki. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal. His research interests include the study of creativity and sensemaking support tools, video interfaces and input technologies, crossing the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Multimedia.