Design your Family Tree: Descobrindo sua Identidade Gráfica

Denise Santos e Susana Francisco

JANUARY 5TH . 2024, 9:30.AM

Through the construction of a “design family tree”, participants are invited on an introspective journey through their references – designers, movements, films, books, music, experiences, stories or narratives – that influence their work as future designers. By this mapping, a reflection is proposed on diversity and how race, gender, class and other intersectionalities emerge as layers that relate to design. The workshop, co-ordinated by Susana and Francisco and Denise Santos, will take as its starting point their research within the context of the Masters in Graphic Design at ESAD.CR.

Susana Francisco was born and raised in a small village in the interior of Portugal. She graduated in Communication and Multimedia Design from ESEC and then went on to do a Master’s in Graphic Design at ESAD.CR, which she finalised with her dissertation “Metamorfose: in search of a queer-feminist graphic design”. In 2021 she worked on the HeForShe Lisboa project, which aims to promote gender equality, and in 2019 she won the competition to create the visual identity for Casa do Xisto – A arte para a (d)eficiência. She has also worked independently for the last five years on communication projects, editorial design and visual identity creation. Recently, she has been interested in exploring techniques and materials that go beyond the screen, returning to analogue processes and traditional knowledge and connecting various fields of knowledge with design theory and practice, believing that this more political, social and sustainable approach can contribute to the creation of more creative and conscious solutions.

Denise Santos, the daughter of Cape Verdean immigrants, was born and lives in Lisbon. She attended the António Arroio School, where she studied on the RPE course (Plastic Realisation of the Spectacle). She has a degree in Space Design from ESAD.CR and is currently taking the Master’s programme in Graphic Design at the same institute. Her project “BISNETOS DE CABRAL, A VIAGEM DE UMA DESIGNER” seeks to investigate issues of identity through archival artefacts in the Cape Verdean context, this research being a personal reflection as a black woman, considering an autoethnographic methodology and the collective experience of visual culture and graphic design in the political, social and cultural sphere. In her projects, she explores topics that challenge the notion of identity and graphic design, incorporating a transdisciplinary approach that considers the interconnection of different areas and cultural and historical influences. Between 2020 and 2021, she was part of the CLAIM (Local Support Centre for Migrant Integration) team in Outurela / Carnaxide, being in contact with the community providing social support services. In 2021, she joined the Hangar CIA team, where she is currently a communication designer and content creator for social media. More recently, she joined the collective FONTE Associação de Intervenção e Difusão Cultural, which aims to disseminate black perspectives and everyday experiences in the global African context.

Limited vacancies, register until 3rd of january by email