self in everyday life

ESAD.CR Exhibition of the Year 2022

In addition to the printed edition of the ESAD.CR Exhibition of the Year 2022 Catalogue, which includes works by the graduating students of our bachelor’s and master’s degrees, a pdf version can be consulted and downloaded from the ESAD.CR website.
The self in everyday life is a collective exhibition by all the final year students of the Escola Superior de Artes e Design das Caldas da Rainha (ESAD.CR), in which the works carried out during the 21/22 academic year will be shared.
Starting from the title of one of the most enigmatic works by Erving Goffman, one of the main influential Canadian sociologists, the self in everyday life addresses the importance of social interactions and how the individual manages the presentation of the self (the main structure of the personality, the central archetype of the collective unconscious, according to Carl Jung), shaping itself according to the social situation in which it finds itself.
Resulting from a joint journey in this school, the collective whose creation process is shared here has everyday life in academic life. It is in this daily life that they explore and discover their core – their individual, social and artistic identity, their persona. 
Spread across several public and non-public spaces of ESAD.CR, a school for a week transformed into a thriving atelier and cultural center, this exhibition was on view between the 25th and 29th of May 2022.