The nights we are missing

Posters for imagined concerts

FEBRUARY 2ND TO 23RD, 2024 (10AM – 1.30PM | 2PM – 4PM)

The poster has a very special place in the artistic tradition. If some have made it their favourite object (Toulouse-Lautrec, Muscoso or Milton Glaser), others did not dispense it within their body of work. Bruno Munari used to say that perhaps the most effective poster ever would be the flag of Japan, for the economy of means and the effectiveness of the message – we all know something about the symbology of that red circle.

This small exhibition brings together a selection of four years of posters for imagined concerts, produced at the ESAD.CR’s Printmaking and Silkscreen Workshop, by students of Graphic and Multimedia Design Undergraduate Programme, of Caldas da Rainha.

The production, a part of the subject Printing Media, started among the pandemic, projecting in the imagined near future the idea of escaping the new dark realness of that time. At the time, an attempt was made to fulfil two essential precepts: to maintain the thinking and the creative spirits. Almost all of us being at that time cut off from the normal possibilities of existence, the creation of posters for imagined events carried, we believe, a little more hope in those times.

The 50cmx70cm format was requested – and the use of only two colours. Due to its immediacy and the format requested, screen printing was the most used technique, but there were also linocuts, woodcuts and dry point. There were mainstream bands playing at friends’ houses, or non-existent bands playing in impossible places: chimerical conjugations proper to dream and invention.

The creative processes were worked on until a certain predominance of drawing, projecting through it the direct language of the poster object: seduction, charm and magnetism. Today, with said epidemic being over, and knowing that, for the most part, the night is always more seductive than the day, the project continues. If you ask about the night, however, it has changed its face, it has cross-dressed in its own darkness. But these multiples, made by people who still dream of it, continue to try to save its expression and brilliance.

The nights we are missing…

FROM THE 08TH TO 12TH OF JANUARY . 2024 – 10.AM > 17:30.PM

Final exhibition of posters printed using the teghniques available at the Engraving and Screen printing workshops at ESAD.CR, based on the semester brieginf of the curricular unit Printing Media I, on a 50cmx70cm format, an integral part of the final assessment of the same subject.

The proposal associates a real possibility of a communication object, through the poster format, addressing the challenge of promoting a real concert by a music artist, previously chosen by the students, and the conception and composition of a particular graphic object in the history of Art.