Burilar in conversation


APRIL 8TH OF 2024, 10.30AM

How do you start a project in a specific place? What to explore, integrate or leave out? What place does cultural mediation have in artistic processes? How to enhance what begins as being artistically unknown? How to involve the potential of a territory in the processes of artistic creation? Burilar in conversation is a sharing of different approaches that Burilar uses in developing the projects it embraces. A conversation open to questions, doubts and different points of view.

Burilar is a cultural cooperative founded in 2018 and emerged as a response to a set of challenges launched by institutional and artistic partners. Burilar operates on different scales, times and depths: it develops long-term projects and specific projects, aimed at a wide spectrum of audiences or specific audiences, it proposes experiences of momentary enjoyment or deep reflection. Burilar has no formulas, its projects result from attentive listening to the partners that cross its path, their expectations, resources, desires and objectives; It is in this meeting, in this dialogue, that projects are refined.