The Artistic Residency “Plasticidades” results from the partnership between the Leiria Museum – Municipality of Leiria, the Reixida House of Arts / Espaço Serra Association and ESAD.CR. Five Fine Arts students, from the 2nd and 3rd years, during the period of 6 days, will develop a reflection process for the elaboration of a work, individual or collective, around the exhibition “Plasticidades” that is currently at the Leiria Museum. The exhibition presents an evolutionary relationship between plastic in our society, from toys to decorative objects, functional objects and works of art. The objects on display are loans with different origins: personal objects, objects from plastic companies, loans from museums, etc. The stories behind each object on display are also elements for reflection, inspiration and eventual dialogue with the practice that each student already has.The residency provides for regular visits to the Museum, stay and Studio space at the Casa das Artes da Reixida Association, and later development of works in the ESAD.CR workshops. The Residence will result in an patent exhibition at the Museum of Leiria, starting on May 2020.