Artistic Practice Collaboration and Co-authorship

–       And you, how did you receive the call?

–       I received an e-mail. Circular’s newsletter.

–       I remember the space. And I remember the Cyborg Manifesto.

–       I remember that bunch of post-its on the wall with ideas.

–       But thinking now that we met everyday and the only outcome was a door. We could have done a bit more (laughs).

In 2009, I did an experimental project for the CIRCULAR festival in Vila do Conde – “Utopias, Cyborgs and other Tree Houses”. A few months before the festival, I started a collaborative creative process with a group of 8 people. I understood much of my previous artistic practice as participatory and I was always involved in collaborations with other artists, with this project I took a step towards artistic experiences that were involved in the critical issues around collaboration, authority and authorship and around social and community involvement. In this conversation, and based on my artistic practice, I will share the difficulties that I encountered and the learning that I achieved.