The Man-Machine Wellbeing Symposium aims to debate the individual, collective and global wellbeing, exploring a healthy relationship between Human and Nature and Machine (HANAH). It is suggested to rethink emerging technologies for bridging the gap between the health of the natural environment and humanity, within the physical and digital worlds. 

The MW combines Art, Science and Technology, opening space for discussion about the fields of Human-Machine Interfaces, Human-Computer Interaction, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Smart Clothing and Wearable Devices, Smart Materials and Biomaterials, as well as addressing the ideation of products, applications and inclusive spaces for the Design of Ambient Assisted Living. It explores human factors that improve health and wellbeing of people and society which derive from an approach of Human Centred Design. 


The Symposium is Mentored by Professor Inês Rodolfo, PhD., LIDA Lab.