Looking Back – Performance show

13, 14 e 16 DECEMBER 2022
Primary School next to the Park // 20h to 23h

Looking back is the title of a performance exhibition, resulting from a common creative process, of students who attended the discipline Performance, Body and Device. Each student individually went through a path of looking back at the human development of their own body, encountering an animal body with its biographical history. Each performance presents itself as a conversation between memories, objects, statements and the audience.


Day 13

Vicente Vinagre // Maria Couto // Maria Carvalhinho // Maria Cabral // Beatriz Andrade // Lara Montezuma // Marcin Jancy // Rita Gonçalves // Laura Piper

Day 14

Lúcia Costa // Laura Moreno // André Faria // Luisina Curbelo // Beatriz Carvalhinho // Mariana Coelho // Katrina Karple // Ruta Kurpniece // Zuzanna Nowak

Day 16

Kristiana Puisele // Mafalda // Rita // Jade Nunes // Rafaela Gonçalves // Joana Rodrigues // Erika Davila // Graziella Bonisolo