Memory, Remembrance and Contemplation

Peter A.H. Paixão

30th of may,
Room 54, ep1

Peter A.H. Paixão has dedicated himself, since the beginning of his career, to drawing from which ghosts emerge that History has not known how to listen to. In this open class, he will talk about the difference between memory and remembrance in this process and the importance of contemplation in his recent work.

Peter A.H. Paixão (1971) is an artist, researcher and editor. Born in Lobito, Angola, he has lived in Lisbon, Chicago, Venice, Porto and Milan. He has a Masters in Fine Arts and a PhD in Philosophy. He is a member of the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Porto. His artistic work is represented by Galeria 111 in Lisbon. He founded and directs the editorial project «disciplina sem nome» for the publishing house Documenta, with the support of the Carmona e Costa Foundation, Lisbon. Lives in Northern Italy.