Between the Lines

Luciana Fina

NOVEMBER 29th . 2023, 5:30PM

Crossing times and different fields of thought, today I am shaping new paths of enquiry, in the joy of reinvention. I am writing for the first time a film conceived from the archive, from that immense body of images that has continued to grow, unstoppable and at every moment, as we search a possible way of dealing with our memory. We are formed by what we see and creating images today ends up pushing us to talk about  images we already have inside us.
Gleaning from the television archive and subjective and collective memory, articulating different voices, texts and materials, the Andromeda project also endeavours to move between the exhibition form and the film form. The successive experiments in composition and editing, aimed at the exhibition room, the screening room or the conference room, reconfigure the proposal in face of the contemporary spectator, homo spectator-visitor.
Seeing again is not about the past, it’s an exploration of possible displacements between the past and the present. The images of the past look at us and ask us to appear before them.
Blurring the boundaries between document and invention, through the intermediation of the figure of a young and inventive viewer who manages the device and the flow of the images, I place the viewer between the time of the first age of television and the time of his presence in a screening room, between memory and imagination, utopia and experimentation. Once and Now, between the past and the present, an idea of the future can also take place.

Luciana Fina
Italian film-maker and artist, working in Lisbon since 1991. Investigating the hypotheses of Cinema in the field of the Arts, she has developed a work aimed at screening rooms, stages, museums and galleries. After studying Literature, she began a long collaboration with the Cinemateca as a programmer. In 1993 she created the first Super 8 installation for the stage, “Branco Sujo”, choreographed by João Fiadeiro. She made her directorial debut in 1998, as part of the generation of filmmakers who gave new life to documentaries in Portugal. Between 2002 and 2003, with the “CCM” installation at the Gulbenkian Foundation and the triptych “CHANTportraits” at the Chiado Museum, focussing on the themes of migration and portraiture, she began her journey in exhibition spaces. The extensive body of work, films, film and site-specific installations, has been presented internationally at film festivals and exhibitions, and is represented in the Modern Collection of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, the Nouveaux Medias Collection of the Centre Georges Pompidou and in the CACE Collection of Contemporary Art Collection. Among her most recent works is “In  Medias Res” (2014), Best Portuguese Film Award Arquiteturas Film Festival, Honourable Mention Temps d’Images Film on Art Award; “Terceiro Andar” 2016, exhibition Gulbenkian Museum, Doclisboa and 34th Torino Film Festival; “Questo è il piano” 2020, Doclisboa and MNAC; “Andromeda”, exhibition Carpintarias de São Lázaro/Festival Temps d’Images 2021, with the film’s premiere in 2023 at Doclisboa and Family Film Project Porto. Guest lecturer at, teaching History(ies) of Cinema. Researcher in Arts of the Moving Image, collaborator of the Centre for Research and Studies in Fine Arts (CIEBA), University of Lisbon, Faculty of Fine Arts.