Prize Adico 23

João Queirós

João Queirós, master’s student in Product Design at ESAD.CR, wins the second edition of the “Prémio Design Adico Desenha o Futuro”, in the “Student” category.

This second edition was for those enrolled in Design and Architecture courses, 1st and 2nd cycles of Higher Education and young professionals up to 30 years old, completed in 2023, and aimed to create an armchair to use in interior spaces

João Queirós won with the “Inclinada” project, about which he states:

“The square shape simultaneously invokes a familiar and traditional language of modern design while creating a contrast with that same inspiration.

The inclination of the structure, along with the linear construction, refers to the idea of two right angles that are no longer perfectly aligned and form a grid, creating a contrast between parallel lines, right angles, misalignment and the idea of organized disorganization.

Thus, the appearance of the armchair and the space is streamlined, at the same time maintaining a familiar language that uses materials, colours and characteristics familiar to Adico’s production logic, which allows it to adapt to various spaces and make them more interesting.

It thus becomes an addition that complements the company’s portfolio, which seeks to innovate through subtle but notable differences. The slight inclination presupposes a more relaxed position, which the human body tends to adopt after sitting for a certain period of time, in order to better accommodate itself. Through this slight inclination together with the voluminous cushions, this way of being is invoked, inviting the user to a moment of relaxation, sitting in a highly comfortable piece of equipment with a pleasant and luxurious texture”.