The shortest day

Undergraduate program Sound and Image

DECEMBER 21ST . 2023
5.PM – CHANNEL 180

The shortest day is celebrated by the Undergraduate Programme in Sound and Image of ESAD.CR, on Canal180 with the programming of a showcase in partnership with five Portuguese film schools. UBI, ESMAD, ESAD.CR, ESAP, IPCA and Lusófona do Porto show short films by their students in a showcase dedicated to new talents.


Carolina Miragaia


Today’s human being is increasingly faced with a constant battle with their inner self and their mental space, and this battle is increasingly being shared and realised. Vortex gives rise to and exposes the sequence of thoughts or actions that the individual suffers from a mental condition/illness.

Ema Canelas


“Circuitus” follows Maya, a young woman trapped in an emotional cycle that is broken when she gets close to Sofia. Although they both want to, they can’t be together, which heightens the desire and adrenaline between them.


André Cópio


Monotony sets in permanently in a place where life once went on and on, but which is now abandoned. Here, you look for a stimulus that can beat theinsatiable desire to put an end to this ramble.

Eu Não Sei

Sara Justino


Experimental animation video that reflects on the mind in a search for identity; looking for answers to the questions that life brings.

O Poema da Alma

Paulo Fagundes e Teresa Gomes


Nothing stands still, everything remains.

Navegar é Preciso, Viver…

Ana Cuco


Mia feels lost in a new chapter of her life. Alone, she struggles to regain control of her identity while trying to distinguish reality from the visions that haunt her.

E quem consegue dormir, adia

Lara Tomás


Paying special attention to her childhood fears, a young adult travels through some of her insomnia episodes.