Lithic manufacturing

Pedro Cura

JANUARY 10TH OF 2024, 9.30AM

Archaeologist Pedro Cura will teach how to manufacture lithic instruments/tools (stone), with prehistoric gestures and techniques, he will also show in a practical way food processing techniques, and construction of combustion structures from the same period. The discovery of gestures and techniques used by humans to produce artefacts in the past is made within branches of archeology that develop experimental processes, where hypotheses are tested through trial and error. This experimental archaeology, like much archaeological work, is about design, the verb, that is, it is about human conception.

Pedro Cura
Born in 1980, he joined the Association “Núcleo de Arqueologia de Vila Nova da Barquinha” in 1991 andbegan his first steps in Prehistoric Lithium Industry in 1996. Between 1997 and 2000 he took the Archaeologist Assistant course at the Professional School de Arqueologia do Freixo, Marco de Canaveses. In 2004, he began work at the Museum of Prehistoric Art of Mação and ITM (Instituto Terra e Memória), and to this day is responsible for Knowledge Socialization services, with the Andakatu Project. Since 2005, he has carried out intense experimental work, searching for gestures and techniques from Prehistory, at the Quaternary and Prehistory Research Unit at ITM, a member of the Geosciences Center at the University of Coimbra. Having already co-authored several articles published in the area of lithic experimentation. At the Research Unit he has also been developing research projects in the area of food, namely food processing techniques, combustion structures, painting and rock engraving, metallurgy (protohistoric) and prehistoric housing structures. He was a student at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar on the Territorial Management Course. Since 2015 he has been the owner of the Prehistoriskills Registered Brand, which promotes activities related to Prehistory at a national and international level.