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Arts of Sound and Image


Arts of Sound and Image

Course Type: Master Programmes


  • Enabling specific skills for innovation in the several developing stages of the project in Arts of Sound and Image: in research methodologies, writing processes, structures of working and production, exhibition and display strategies;
  • Promoting students’ autonomy for technological experimentation having in sight the needs of each project;
  • Extending the expertise of technical skills in film and video, photography and the sonic arts; 
  • Developing a proper discursive strategy capable of communicating the artist’s own decisions with the public, technicians, producers, curators and other cultural agents; 
  • Encouraging the development of a singular working methodology, able to articulate critical skills and material expression in the context of the heterogeneous panorama of contemporary arts and audio-visual technologies;
  • Encouraging the involvement in the interdisciplinarity of the curriculum while concentrating on a chosen disciplinary area. 

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Course Supervisor

Susana Duarte