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Design for Health and Wellbeing


Design for Health and Wellbeing

Course Type: Master Programmes


ESAD.CR launches the Master in Design for Health and Wellness, which is a pioneer in the design of innovative products, solutions, platforms, apps and services in the area of ​​health and wellness with the aim of promoting quality of Man’s life. This master’s degree follows a tradition of interdisciplinary experimentation that is characteristic of ESAD.CR by integrating program contents that crosses the domain of design, with knowledge in the areas of life sciences and engineering.


The main goal of this master’s degree is to teach project professionals with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to integrate teams and act in complex and changing situations. They should be able to identify problems, present proposals and develop new solutions and experiences that work in supporting, optimizing and promoting the health and well-being of individuals and societies, as well as, in a sustainable and responsible way of life. It is intended to value the diversity of students’ backgrounds, interests and motivations, guiding them in the construction of an individual project.


Throughout the training, there will be contact with designers, researchers, health professionals, engineers, entrepreneurs and decision makers. In addition, ESAD.CR has partnerships with national and international companies and institutions that work in the areas of health, well-being, design and technologies. We also highlight the close connection with our research unit LIDA – Research Laboratory in Design and Arts.

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4 semesters





Course Supervisor

Elga Ferreira