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Graphic Design


Graphic Design

Course Type: Master Programmes

The Master’s in Graphic Design at ESAD.CR aims to open up space for the exploration of practical and conceptual skills of a high professional level, in the specific areas of graphic design and communication for the multiple platforms, supports and media that characterise contemporary visual culture. The master adopts a professionalizing orientation, promoting integration in the professional universe of communication, through internship or project research applied to the development of innovative products and services. Research and observation methodologies are encouraged in practical professional contexts, forming creative projectual skills oriented towards experimental development. The Master’s in Graphic Design is also a space that encourages the implementation of all that is contemporary to the discipline of graphic design in social terms, through the constant and necessary analysis of the place of design in society, both in terms of the auscultation of citizenship values and in terms of raising environmental and sustainability issues.


The Master’s in Graphic Design at ESAD.CR aims to provide students with a research regime in this scientific area, working from the more traditional supports of communication design, such as editorial design, typography, information design, illustration, art direction, branding, multimedia production and packaging, always on the path of emerging and renovating processes in these same areas. The student will know the necessary guidance from a group of specialized teachers, for the development and understanding of a critical, procedural and analytical view of all the intricacies of graphic design practice, through investment in research and its methodologies.

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English, Portuguese


4 Semesters





Course Supervisor

João Carlos de Jesus Pinto