ESAD.CR in the world

Internationalization is the essence of ESAD.CR. Every year, we receive students, teachers and staff from other countries. Every year, ESAD.CR sends students, teachers and staff to other countries.
Internationalization involves European mobility which is supported by programs such as Erasmus +. We also provide many other programs, partnerships and protocols that support the internationalization of teaching and research
Many international students choose to study at ESAD.CR, where they find a practical method of teaching which is supported by excellent workshops; professional, experienced and committed teachers; a teaching method that embraces the heritage of the past and the promises of the future, focused on the present. Many of these students end up staying here.

ESAD.CR’s internationalization is one of the ways in which we position ourselves in the contemporary world. This openness to the world enriches our creative potential, shows the world our work, and places our students in the international scene.

ESAD.CR is an international school in the world.


In collaboration with the International Cooperation and Mobility Office (GMCI) of IPL’s Central Services, the GAMCI (International Cooperation and Mobility Office) aims to promote and diversify the mobility of the academic community of ESAD.CR (students, teachers and employees), at national and international levels, as well as foster international cooperation.

ESAD.CR Workshops and Laboratories are as follows:
DPL – Digital Prototyping Laboratory
AW – Audiovisual Workshop
CGW – Ceramic and Glass Workshop
PW – Photography Workshop
PSW – Printmaking and Silkscreen Workshop
WW – Wood Workshop
MW – Metal Workshop
CPW –Cultural Production Workshop
TW – Theatre Workshop
DW – Digital Workshop