School of Arts and Design Caldas da Rainha

ESAD.CR opens your world.

The School of Arts and Design Caldas da Rainha, of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, is a teaching and research institution founded in 1990 with a broad international and national recognition.
ESAD.CR is located in Caldas da Rainha, a city in the central Atlantic coast of Portugal, close to Lisbon. It is integrated in a region of great economic, cultural and wellbeing development. It has privileged access to the whole country. It is also a city of arts. Caldas da Rainha has a creative, stimulating and pleasant environment.

At ESAD.CR, the teaching model focuses on project development, materialization of concepts, oriented by critical and humanistic reflection. The conceptually sustained, interdisciplinary, technologically appropriate and creative training model prepares students for the requirements of the present and the future. Individualized teaching, up-to-date research and attention to emerging professional areas make ESAD.CR a reference in the national and international scene.

ESAD.CR currently has 1,650 students and over 130 faculty. Its teachers are experienced professionals, internationally renowned in the most varied creative areas. The School’s main building was designed and built around studio spaces and workshops, being one of the most unique and complete projects of national artistic teaching. Its campus is set around four spacious and well-equipped buildings, set between oaks and pines. Its well-equipped laboratories and workshops allow access to the most varied technologies, from the traditional ones like Analog Photography, Printmaking, Silk-screening, Ceramic, Wood or Metal, to the most current ones like Digital Video and Photography, Sound, Digital Printing, Prototyping and 3D Printing or Multimedia.
ESAD.CR offers Undergraduate courses in Fine Arts, Industrial Design, Product Design – Ceramic and Glass, Graphic Design and Multimedia, Interior and Spatial Design, Sound and Image, Theatre and Programming and Cultural Production. This offer includes the master’s degrees in Fine Arts, Product Design, Cultural Management, Graphic Design and Design for Health and Wellbeing. It also offers an interesting range of TeSP (short cycle) courses, in the areas of digital prototyping, graphic production, digital and audio-visual media and multimedia.

ESAD.CR is committed to the integration and personal and professional success of its students in the fields of arts, design and culture. For this, we invest in the permanent development of
innovative teaching-learning processes and in the qualification of teaching, technical and administrative staff.

At ESAD.CR applied research develops with the participation of the Masters courses, in a civic commitment to the sustainable development of the territory.

Maintaining a prominent position implies being able to adapt to the demands and complexities of the contemporary world.

ESAD.CR is a School with the world and actively promotes international cooperation.