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The Metal Workshop is currently one of the best-equipped workshops in the country, in the whole context of the artistic schools. Throughout the years, its facilities have enabled hundreds of successful projects to be carried out in the areas of fine arts, in particular, sculpture and installation works, and in the different courses related to the design area, in the design of prototypes and conception of individual and team projects. The Metal Workshop was built for the following purposes: to provide practical knowledge about the various techniques associated with its equipment; give detailed information on the existing equipment and help improve the understanding of the workshop logistics to everyone in the academic community from different courses that use this space to carry out works of a curricular and extracurricular nature.


9:00h - 12:30h 14:00h - 17:30h, except Friday afternoon


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Contacts Extension: 300372 Coordinator: Prof. Rui Manuel Ferreira Leal Technical Suuport: Jorge Carreira

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