Presential activities at ESTG
Academic year 2020/2021

valid from January 23rd, 2021

The regulatory measures now set out are intended to minimize the problems arising from the pandemic situation generated by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. Therefore, we request for your understanding and collaboration of all those who use the facilities of the School of Technology and Management (ESTG) for compliance, as well as the adoption of responsible behaviors, hygiene practices, respiratory etiquette and social distancing, highly recommended by the competent authorities.

Whenever there is a suspicion of a case related to COVID-19 in our community, the Student / Staff Member must contact the SNS 24 line (808 24 24 24) and stay at home. If you are on campus, you should go to a Security Guard office to be directed to the isolation area, where you can contact the SNS 24 line (808 24 24 24).

These measures are valid and must be applied and complied within all ESTG buildings.

We appreciate the collaboration of all, as well as the sense of responsibility shown by our community. We are available for any clarification that seems necessary.

Timetable for School of Technology and Management’s Buildings

From January 23, 2021:
  Building A Building B Building D Building E Building C
Monday to Friday 08:00 às 20:00 1 08:30 às 17:30 08:00 às 20:00 1 08:00 às 20:00 1,2 Restricted access to authorized users
Saturday 08:00 às 18:00 Closed 08:00 às 18:00 Closed
Sundays and Hollydays Closed Closed Closed Closed
1 With the possibility of staying until 24:00 if previously authorized, at which time all users must be close to the security center to start its exit.
2 Conditional access – you must request access at Building A’s surveillance post.

Rules for the Use of Facilities

General rules

  1.  The use of mask is mandatory in all closed spaces on campus and, in open space, whenever the physical distance of 2 meters between people cannot be guaranteed;
  2.  You should proceed to hand sanitizing at the entrance and exit of buildings, classrooms and laboratories, using the alcohol gel dispensers in those spaces;
  3.  The circuits of entry, exit and circulation in the buildings must be fully respected, in order to minimize the concentration and gathering of people. Circulation must always be done on the right side;
  4.  The permanence in the common areas of the buildings must have the minimum duration indispensable for the intended action. At the end of classes and during breaks, students should go out quickly and orderly outside;
  5.  Only places that are not marked with the red sticker with the indication “Não usar – Don’t use” or similar identification must be occupied;
  6.  The capacity of the spaces respects the rule of one person per 20 square meters;
  7.  Spaces should be ventilated, keeping doors and windows open whenever possible;
  8.  Eating in classrooms and laboratory spaces is not allowed;
  9.  Toilet facilities can be used by only one person at a time;
  10.  The elevator should be used only in exceptional situations, and it can only be used by one person at a time;
  11.  Whenever a situation of potential risk to community health is identified, it must be reported to the nearest security guard or through the internal contact of the person in charge of the campus (+351 969 103 397)

Access to Common Spaces

  1.  Access to common spaces is made only for the purpose of circulation and access to specific spaces, being conditioned and reduced to the minimum necessary;
  2.  The minimum safety distance of 2 meters must always be maintained and respected;
  3.  The circuits defined for circulation within buildings must be respected;
  4.  You should always circulate on the right side;
  5.  Vending machines can only be accessed by one person at a time and after prior cleaning, done by the user, through a vaporizer available on site;
  6.  The entire academic community must contribute to the cleaning of common equipment, using the materials and consumables available for this purpose.

Access to Facilities by the Students for conducting assessment test/activities

Students who do not have the conditions to carry out the assessment tests that take place online must communicate the situation to the UC professor so that a place at ESTG can be made available for this purpose.

  1.  Facilities
    •  Will be defined and communicated on a case-by-case basis. Only workstations prepared and marked should be used, in accordance with the authorization granted.
  2.  Procedure
    Prior authorization from the School’s Board is required, and the following instructions must be considered:
    1.  Student
      •  The Student makes the request to the Curricular Unit Professor, in as much advance as possible. It is not possible to assure the response to requests that are not sent to the Board with a minimum of 48 hours in advance.
    2.  Curricular Unit Professor
      •  Analyzes the request (with the eventual articulation with the head of the Curricular Unit, with the Course Coordinator and with the Department Coordinator);
      •  Forwards the request to the School’s Board (, with eventual relevant information, with copy to the head of the Curricular Unit, to the Course Coordinator and to the Department Coordinator.
    3.  School’s Board
      •  Decides on the request and communicates the decision to all those referenced in the request.

    Access to facilities by Staff members

    1.  ESTG Staff Members access the School’s facilities to carry out their job activities. However, access is conditioned to the number of people present in the space they wish to access;
    2.  Teaching staff must agree on times for exclusive use of the office. The presence of more than one teacher per office at the same time is not allowed;
    3.  Teaching Staff should agree on schedules for exclusive office use. This use must be made for the time strictly necessary to carry out the activity to be carried out.

    Access by Workers of Service Providers

    1.  Regular access for the purpose of normal activities;
    2.  Mandatory use of a mask and compliance with other rules of access and permanence in ESTG spaces.

    Procedures to be adopted for Service

    1.  Contact with professors should be made, whenever possible, via email or via the digital platform defined between the Student and the Teacher. Presential office attendance is suspended;
    2.  Whenever possible, contact with ESTG Services must be made by email or telephone;
    3.  Presential services at ESTG Services depends on prior scheduling, so that it is possible to comply with specific rules for access to spaces.

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    1.  PPE is for individual use and cannot be shared;
    2.  The specific conditions of each space / equipment / activity to be carried out must be respected.

    Cleaning and Hygiene

    1.  Equipment for specific cleaning will be made available, in the following locations:
      •  Entrances to buildings,
      •  Laboratory spaces with authorized access,
      •  Vending machines;
    2.  Shared spaces will be cleaned and sanitized frequently, according to the daily cleaning schedule;
    3.  Specific equipment for shared use will be cleaned and sanitized frequently, according to the specific cleaning scale;
    4.  Keyboards and the handling surfaces of the printers are protected with protective film and must be sanitized before and after each use by the user. Films are replaced whenever damaged.