To apply for a room in the Residence Hall please fill in the Accommodation Application Form on our website. The application must be sent at least six weeks before your arrival.

If your application was successful you will receive a confirmation before your arrival.

Please note that the monthly payment has to be made until the 8th of each month and that failure can cause your dismissal from the Residence Hall.

For any further questions concerning accommodation, please contact Ms. Cecília Marques:

We cannot guarantee free places for all foreign exchange students, but we will do our best. There are, however, private Rental Residence Halls in Peniche that you find on internet.

The Residence Hall has rooms for disabled. It is important that you contact us before your arrival and in time to so that we can prepare the necessary arrangements.


Where to stay in Peniche

Student´s Residence

You have to apply by mail at

Polytechnic of Leiria accommodation website

in Peniche

Hotels and Hostels

Book on internet

Private Market or Private Rooms 

Search on internet or on Housinganywhere on Airbnb or on 

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