Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Aquaponics Technology and Design Workshop

This Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Aquaponics Technology and Design Workshop in Europe is a 3.5-day workshop that covers every aspect of commercial aquaponics, from system design to plant and fish production to marketing and economics. You’ll get hands-on instruction from the Pentair AES team and some of the industry’s most renowned experts. This edition in Europe is organized in partnership with Aquaponics Portugal and MARE IPLeiria – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre.

All presentations will be in English language.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP THIS WORKSHOP.


Topics covered throughout this workshop

  • An overview of RAS principles as related to aquaponics
  • The University of the Virgin Islands System
  • Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems aquaponics system
  • Small aquaponic system design
  • Basic equipment for aquaponics (pumps, aeration, filtration equipment)
  • Water Quality Monitoring for Aquaponics Systems
  • Alternative solids filtration for warmwater aquaponics
  • Hydroponic Plant Production, Components and Principles
  • Seedling production, substrates, transplanting and harvest
  • Tilapia biology
  • Fish diseases common to fish in aquaponics systems
  • Plant production with discharged effluent
  • Pest identification and control
  • Overview of aquaponics in Europe
  • European aspects of aquaponics – species, markets
  • Rooftop or urban aquaponics systems – history and development of projects
  • Coldwater systems – experience from our systems
  • Fish species for European aquaponics – Tilapia, trout, pikeperch
  • Lessons learned – Ten commandments in aquaponics
  • Seaponics – Aquaponics at diverse salinities
  • Aquaponics in Portugal – Present and future
  • Regulation and licensing


PENTAIR Aquatic Eco-Systems Expert Presenters:

Dr. Jason Danaher

Mr. Andreas Graber

Mr. Dennis DeLong

Other Expert Faculty

  • Raúl Bernardino – Instituto Politécnico de Leiria
  • João Cotter – Aquaponics Portugal
  • Orlando Rodrigues – Aquaponics Portugal

+Info: workshop website


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