OC Academy Seminar Series


We are Ocean Community (OC) and this spring we will present the OC Academy seminar series to you!

The OC Academy seminar series consists of 5 seminars that will help you better understand the challenges our oceans are facing and how you can take action and work on solutions to tackle these challenges in a sustainable and commercially viable way.

If you are – just like us – an ocean and sustainable blue-tech lover, this is for you!

Why? Oceans are key for the existence of life on earth. Oceans provide the water we drink, the food we eat, and the air we breathe. It is therefore crucial that we find ways to preserve and protect our oceans to ensure a sustainable future.

What? We want to capture sustainable ocean tech ideas and transform them into commercially viable products and ventures to solve ocean challenges.

How? The seminar series at Politécnico de Leiria will help you better understand, execute and commercialize ocean-relevant early-stage ideas. You will gain practical experience of ideation and commercialization through the seminars, and in between supported by our Ocean Community coaches. You will also get the opportunity to enter into Ocean Community Challenge 2021 upon the conclusion of the seminars well-prepared and equipped with new knowledge.


OC Academy includes the following one-hour-long seminars, taking place at 18.00 on the following scheduled evenings:

  • 19 April – Introduction to the current state of the ocean, ocean economy overview, sustainable and circular solutions
  • 27 April – Overview of the ocean economy ecosystem, key global initiatives, and introduction to the Ocean Community (OC) and SmartOCEAN
  • 10 May – Samples of existing ocean tech solutions and ideas applied within the ocean economy
  • 19 May – Commercialization of technology and early-stage ocean solutions
  • 31 May – Final presentation of students’ ideas, mindshare, and feed-back
    Do you want to learn more about ocean challenges, and how to transform ideas into reality, and be a part of the solution?

Apply to our seminar series now! Apply here no later than April 16.

You can read more about the program on our website.
For further questions please contact us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin) or simply email us at contact@oceancommunitychallenge.com.

When the oceans breathe, we breathe. 💙
OC Academy team