International Mobility: discovering new worlds


A period of mobility, apart of being in Europe or any other continent and being for studies or internships, improve the language and social skills as well as independence, confidence and self-esteem.

Having an international experience, on the other hand, has a positive impact on careers and opens the mind to an increasingly global world.

Here are some benefits of international mobility:

  • development of language skills;
  • knowledge of new cultures;
  • personal development.

Erasmus +

It’s the most important exchange program covering a wide range of opportunities for students and teaching and non-teaching staff to study, to do teaching assignments or training abroad. It provides also additional opportunities under the previous Erasmus Mundus Program for full master’s degrees through scholarships for Joint Master Degrees. The program is covering now not only the EU countries, and a number of partner countries to regular Erasmus mobility or under ICM (International Credit Mobility).

Erasmus+ is the EU’s new umbrella programme for education, training, youth and sport, designed to be more global and more integrated than ever before. It brings together seven EU programmes and offers more opportunities for cooperation than its predecessors. For more information on the priorities of the programme, the actions supported, the funding available and the modalities of participation, please have a look at the Erasmus+ Programme Guide, which you can find here

If you are a student of IPLEIRIA and you want to benefit of a European programme of mobility, this is your opportunity. 


Erasmus Testemony


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Ranking criteria used in each school :

Erasmus+ Documents


Erasmus Mundus

  • INFINITY – International Fellowship IN transdisciplinarITY

The INIFINTY project is coordinated by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon. Its partner countries in Eastern Europe Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova , Armenia , Azerbaijan and Georgia. The European Union are also part of our partnership Estonia, the Czech Republic and Slovenia .

The scholarships are divided into 5 categories and have the following monthly amounts :

  • Undergraduate: 1000€
  • Masters: 1000€
  • Doctorate: 1500€
  • Post-doc: 1800€
  • Staff: 2500€

For more information check:


BE MUNDUS is an Erasmus Mundus project that provides scholarships to students, researchers and European and Brazilian officials to have a period of mobility, or the total travel time in some of the best universities in Europe and Brazil . administrators can also apply . The scholarship includes allowance , travel , insurance and fees .

For more information, query this document and this promocional flyer.

Also check the  website and the facebook page  BEMUNDUS.


The project aims to develop cooperation based on the mobility of three Palestinian institutions , two Lebanese , one Syrian and two from Jordan. Moreover, the protocol also reaches nine European institutions. The cooperation network supports students of all education levels (bachelor, master , doctoral and post -doctoral ) , academics and administrative staff and researchers.

In addition to the initial objectives can be also mentioned the following :

  • Establish a network of mobility between Europe – Palestine – Lebanon – Syria – Jordan through an institutional basis;
  • Supporting a group of 150 young people so that they can study and train in specific areas ;
  • Increase the capacity of partner institutes conduct research oriented to the community ;
  • Increase the competence of staff for better management of universities;
  • Develop an academic and sustainable research network for future cooperation between partner projects ;
  • Adopt new technologies for academic purposes and management ;

To achieve these objectives, the project provides 150 mobilities , divided into two groups .

Check the brochure, the website and the facebook page PHOENIX for further information.

Programa Vasco da Gama

The Vasco da Gama program is a program created by Coordeador Council of Polytechnic Institutes and its main objective to promote and enhance the mobility of students between national institutes polytechnics (Read Program Regulation).

Students participating in the program will undertake a period of mobility in any Polytechnic Institute National studies or internships for a period of three months to one year.

The deadline for applications is renewed annually applications being accepted until May 30 for mobilities carried out the following school year.

Applicants must complete and submit an Application Form and Studies Program in GMCI , duly signed by the entities indicated in the latter document ( course coordinator and management schools). The GMCI in turn transmit the documents to the Polytechnic partner for mobility confirmation.


Note: the fact that an institution integrate the Vasco da Gama program does not oblige to receive students from other institutions . Acceptance is always on time , checked case by case basis and depends on the disponibiliade the receiving institution. Because there is no money channeled to the program there is no financial support beyond that of the student already receiving through the SAS .


Exchange with Brasil

As the internationalization of the strategic objectives of IPLeiria in recent years has sought to enhance the cooperation with several higher education institutions in Brazil , not only for reasons related to the existing linguistic affinities but also because Brazil is now a countries with economies in most important development in the international arena .

Thus, the IPLeiria currently offers 31 possibilities for higher education institutions to their students to participate in an exchange program with Brazil.




The RETHINKe is a project under the Tempus program . This Community program aims to support projects between the higher education sector of the European Union member states and partner institutions in order to facilitate the modernization of universities , mutual recognition , training and culture .

Below you can find more information regarding this program.


Student Guide


Open call 2017/2018

Call (Students from Polytecnic Institute of Leiria)

If you are an IPLeiria student you should apply, between 2  and 31 of May, by sending an e-mail to  attaching the following documents:

CV in English;
Academic Records (in Portuguese );
English language certificate or proof of completion of the B1 (indicating the final grade );

Results (To be announced shortly)

Masters in Civil Engineering 

Master in Civil Engineering – Building Construction (Polytechnic of Leiria )

Master in Civil Engineering  (Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture)

Master in Civil Engineering – Building Construction (Polytechnic of Leiria )
Master in Civil Engineering  ( Polostk State University)

Study Plan


Master in Civil Engineering – Building Construction (Polytechnic of Leiria )

Master in Civil Engineering – Industrial and Civil Construction (Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction)

Study Plan


Masters in Environmental Sciences

Master in Energy and Environmental Engineering (Polytechnic of Leiria )

Master in Science in Management of Sanitary Engineering Facilities and Environmental Protection (Technical University of Moldova)

Study Plan


Master in Energy and Environmental Engineering (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria)

Master in Environmental Protection – Power Engineering (National Polytechnic University of Armenia)

Study Plan


Seize the challenge and participate  in the new double degree that will boost your competencies!

RETHINKe will help you to cross the bridge between the West and the East and will definitely open new horizons for you !