The Polytechnic of Leiria has progressively assert its connection to the outside world through its participation in initiatives and projects with an impact on social and cultural and economic development of the West region and Leiria by the performance of its faculty teachers, researchers and staff members and the quality and diversity of its activities and projects.

This link is, without a doubt, a factor of incremental nature in the development, improvement and endogenization of practices and knowledge. As such, it influences the internal structure of the higher education institutions and their functional adequacy to the challenges of society and the requirements of competitiveness.


Job Opportunities

The online job exchange of the Instituto Politécnico de Leiria aims to promote the employability of its students and graduates, encouraging their integration into the labour market. This platform aims to manage regional and countrywide job offerings as well as worldwide job offerings and internships.

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Rede Regional de Formação Leiria/Oeste

This Network (Rede) brings together regional secondary and professional schools and IPLeiria to deliver several opportunities to cooperate and enrich the region and share knowledge through its partners. In particular, it is intended: 

  • Information sharing, to disseminate to the other institutions the training offer available at each school, its initiatives and good practices;
  • The transfer of knowledge and competencies in order to stimulate two-way collaboration through concrete actions of training, exchanges and research;
  • The formalization of the Regional Training Network of Leiria/West, as a way to create a structure for sharing and cooperation between the regions higher education institutions, secundary and professional schools.

Online platform –

Seeking to answer these challenges, IPLeiria developed an online platform that aims at giving support to this dynamic Regional Network, available at This platform allows its users to add and manage news, courses, activities, etc. associated with their school. All the information available is public and can be queried by category or by school.

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