IPLeiria is an innovative and entrepreneur Higher Education Institution with a dynamic and robust ecosystem of Research and Innovation (R&D+i) strongly orientated to the economy and society. This R&D+i ecosystem is composed of five higher schools, eighteen research units, one Knowledge Transfer Centre, more than 130 laboratories and two scientific infrastructures linked both to the Science and Maritime Technology and Industry (CETEMARES building – MARE-IPLeiria Marine and Environmental Science Centre; CDRsp Building – Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development).

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 IPLeiria also participate actively in three business incubators, one business association, one technological centre, one technological park, four competitiveness and technology clusters, one business school, two regional energy agencies and one centre for scientific dissemination (Ciência Viva Centre).

IPLeiria has developed a strong collaboration with society, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the region of Leiria, either by research, development projects or through R&D+i services. Considering the last 6 years, over 300 national (67%) and international (23%) projects have been approved, as well 85 “Vales I&DT/Inovação” – R&D+I services to SMEs. During the same period, IPLeiria had an outstanding performance associated to the Industrial Property rights and  has had 15 patents, 11 utility models, 21 brands and 52 design models approved by the National Institute of Industrial Property.

The Research and Innovation IPLeiria ecosystem means Added Value to society.