Ursula Muzic




Master of Civil Engineering.

Ano de conclusão


Olá! My name is Ursula Muzic and I’m from Croatia, Zagreb. I attended a Master of Civil Engineering – Building Construction, which started in October, 2016 and finished in February, 2017.

After completing a professional training program in Germany, in 2012, my acquired experience opened the door to a future career and my first job as a Civil Engineer at a construction site. Afterwards, I worked in a construction company, specialized in design engineering and construction supervision, while continuing my studies in Croatia.

What motivated me to apply for a Master’s at Politécnico de Leiria? I still remember my first job interview at the age of 22. I was asked to describe my work day as a professional trainee in Germany, since it was the only experience I had up to that moment.

What followed was my vivid presentation of acquired competencies and knowledge, experience of working in a positive environment and an insight into German business culture and their mastery of planning and discipline. I succeeded in getting the job and everything I was striving for in my professional life. It was outstanding.

What I find challenging is coping with new opportunities and learning from the top quality experts. I wanted to fulfill my professional knowledge and that was the main reason for choosing IPLeiria, and Portugal, as my new destination. I’ve also hoped to return to my homeland with a valuable and enriching experience.

New friendships, traditions, culture and learning the dominant and vigorous Portuguese language definitely made a strong and memorable impact on my life. Moving to Portugal was a journey into the unknown. My past experience and accumulated skills helped me to concentrate on my new learning opportunities. Civil Engineering may simply be defined as a problem solving.

Therefore, I love my vocation. This job is dynamic, creative and the pursuit of excellence, a long-term improvement and an ongoing education I see as my permanent goals. I was striving for the excellence, new ideas, solutions and the ways of thinking – and the professors at IPLeiria definitely met my expectations, especially professor Hugo Rodrigues, whose lectures I really liked to attend. I had a clear vision and my goals seemed attainable.

At the moment I’m working as a Construction Engineer and Manager in Croatia, Zagreb. I have my own small business and projects regarding arts and crafts. Creativity is my passion, so when I’m not at the Construction site, I’m upgrading my skills as a designer.