Technical /anonymous information collected

This site collects anonymous information about its visitors which is made available by its browsers and web servers, such as, type of browser, language preference, source website, pages visited, visit(s) duration, date and time of each request, search terms, among others. No information is collected, intentionally, which may be used to identify website visitors. The collection of this information is done in order to understand how our users use the website so as to improve the quality and usefulness of the services we provide.

Our system respects the DoNotTrack (non-monitoring) option which is set in the visitors’ browsers. If you do not want to provide anonymous information to our Web Analytics tool about the way you use the website, check the options available in the next paragraph:

Notwithstanding the anonymous information collected and treated on our Web Analytics platform, technical information may be collected about your visit(s) by the technological infrastructure that supports the system. The Polytechnic of Leiria does not share this information with third parties, without prejudice of the legal requirements imposed by the legislation in force (that is, this information may be shared with the competent public authorities, in compliance with the Portuguese and European legislation).

Use of cookies

When you use this site, cookies (small files with information) are stored on your access device which allow us to, for example, understand whether or not you want to provide anonymous information to our Web Analytics platform, whether or not it is authenticated on the website, among others.

In our implementation, both functional cookies and analytics cookies do not contain personal data and are transferred securely. Regarding third parties’ cookies, these are not managed by our system so they may have their own cookies and privacy policy, outside the scope of the policy set in this document. In any case, our system will not send personal data under any circumstance and intentionally to external services.

Cookies may be blocked and/or disabled by using the browser settings or add-ons. Consult the documentation for your browser for more information.

Date of approval: 21‎-‎05‎-‎2018