Vinod and the importance of being a buddy!

Let me introduce you to Vinod. Vinod is one of our first Indian students attending the master in product design engineering. The day we met him, we could hardly suspect that he would turn out to be a great buddy. But what is a Buddy, after all?

Like the name says, a buddy is a friend, a point of contact, an informal approach to an otherwise formal and institutionalized world. Most times he is an older student, someone that provides guidance and encouragement during the first few weeks as a new international student in a foreign school.

Vinod quickly showed us his skills. He was always available to answer daily questions to fellow students, providing information about procedures, introducing them to teachers and staff, pointing out catering and other facilities like sports center, libraries, canteens and other services, including having dinner with them on their first day.

For those who travel more than five thousand miles it’s a great to have someone eager to help you on arrival, someone that’s not part of the institution staff. We believe that our commitment to the well-being of our students can only produce good results.

Good deeds are contagious.

Thank you Vinod.