Research on Corporeity, Gesture and Expression in Audiovisual Interpretation

Leyson Ponce Flores

The workshop Research on Corporeity, Gesture and Expression in Audiovisual Interpretation allows you to investigate, experiment and deepen the discourse of audiovisual interpretation from a central axis that is based on the corporeity and creation of the biographical character and the aesthetic and technical relationship that we can integrate as discourse audio-visual.

            The most important thing will be to establish a link between theater and audiovisual language to produce short audiovisuals that we will call “performative video art of images” about biopic scenes and characters, constructed throughout the course.

            Through a new look, the camera will record the physical sequence not just as a record, but as another artistic format, revealing new perspectives and audiovisual readings about the body, movement, scenic expression, the city and the camera.

Professor Leyson Ponce Flores began his training in Venezuela, at the Central University of Venezuela and did advanced studies in Germany, in Interpretation and Choreographic Composition in Contemporary Dance at the Folkwang University of Arts, in Essen. He continued his studies in Spain with two master’s degrees (Master’s in Advanced Studies in Philosophy from the University of Salamanca and Master’s in Management, Cultural Policies and Development from the University of Girona). He completed his PhD in Philosophy-Aesthetics and Theories of Art from the University of Salamanca.

He has developed his teaching activity at the Antonio de Nebrija University in Madrid, at the Centro Universitário de Las Artes TAI, associated with the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid and at the National Experimental University of the Arts, UNEARTE, Caracas, Venezuela.

He maintains intense choreographic activity in several European and American countries and also Israel and South Korea.

He has received several awards, distinctions and honorable mentions.