Big Bang – Edição #2

Isabel Baraona February 26th and 27th, March 4th and 5th 
Catarina Leitão March 4th and 5th 
Alice Geirinhas April 15th and 16th
João Maio Pinto April 15th and 16th
Bruno Borges May 13th and 14th 


It is thought that the Big Bang was the expansion of an initial concentrated state of our universe into galaxies.

All this matter is still expanding today. We’re almost there, 14 billion years and counting.

Trying to think of a starting point is pointless: Hermeneutics makes it absurd. What began first: movement or vacuum? words or dance? wind or time? the grave or the lair?

The ending is always more certain than the beginning. Measuring quantities means endless pirouettes to find solutions. The paradox is more fun: standing in front of the abyss and taking a step forward. We regard our actions as expansive melodies, sound tracks with no beginning or end. Appreciating movements and not their ends. Climbing the ladder and grabbing the sequoia by the branches.

Taking advantage of ESAD.CR’s large format press, we are once again inviting graphic artists to make this climb in a workshop context, working on matrices for on-site printing in two one-day sessions each. In this second edition of Big Bang, the purpose will be in book format.

The only guiding rule will be to respect the unique printing format of 100 x 70 cm.

Looking at and working to this scale will slightly exhaust the idea of finitude: exhausting one limit will open up others.

 In each session we will have one graphic artist working in an open class, explaining his methods to those present (with sessions open to students and the school community in general) and printing his matrices.

Project on the subject Print Media II, Undergraduate Programme in Graphic Design and Multimedia, Professor Ricardo Castro.