Ofélia Festival

13th Edition

MARCH 18TH TO 21ST, 2024

Another edition of the Ofélia Festival – Theatre and Performing Arts, organised by ESAD.CR’s 2nd year Theatre students, is coming up, this year under the motto ‘Undress’. During the festival, which takes place between March 18th to 21st, the public will have the opportunity to see a variety of theatre exercises created by the participants, students from the School and guests from other Schools across the country, from similar courses.

In addition to the performances, workshops, talks and debates are also planned, which seek to provide an environment for learning and exchanging experiences between all those who join the initiative.

The 13th edition of the festival seeks an experience of deconstructing the conventional idea of theatre, encouraging artists to strip away their social layers and transform society and art through innovative and creative performances, without prejudice, appealing to the ‘naked and raw’ of artistic expression.

“This is not a superficial invitation to the physical nude, but a bold call to deconstruct society, transform preconceived ideas and reveal the innermost layers of existence. It is an invitation to strip away conventions and dive into the deep waters of raw expression. Undressing society becomes a metaphor for undressing prejudice, revealing the uncomfortable truths that we often hide under layers of social convention. This festival is not just an event, but a celebration of art as an agent of change, an experience where theatre ceases to be a mere spectacle and becomes a collective journey of self-knowledge,” say the organisers of the 13th edition.

This year, once again, the students are endeavouring to open up participation opportunities for different people, from different schools and the wider community, both at ESAD.CR and in the city of Caldas da Rainha.