Every Brilliant Thing – by Duncan Macmillan Com Jaime Mears

Companhia Mente Cão

APRIL 24TH OF 2024, 2.30PM (arrive 2.15PM)

THE STORY begins from the perspective of a 7 years old child. Mum’s depressed – she’s in a place so dark it’s confronting for a kid that age, so her daughter starts compiling a list of every brilliant thing in life. 
A child’s reasons to help mum keep going: 1) ice cream, 2) staying up past your bedtime, 3) watching the sunrise,… Now, it’s 30 years later and the child’s grown up. But she’s still compiling her list. 
What started as a naive way of getting through the day has become a profound truth – that the sublime can be found in the everyday. 
THE SHOW begins with the actress distributing pieces of the list to the audience. It was designed to be both heart wrenching and playful. It is a pure celebration of life, played out in a simple, utterly surprising way.

Physical Theater Company based in Lisbon, created by the hands of actress and stage director Joana Pupo, actress and acrobat Pepa Macua and producer Catarina Sobral. Its mission is to create artistic proposals through art, pedagogy and the exchange of experiences and languages. Collaborates with artists of various nationalities and assumes a strong international commitment.

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Event funded by Caldas da Rainha City Council, as part of the National Arts Plan