Save the Date – ABALADIÇA



ESAD.CR’s Year Exhibition

MAY 8TH TO 12TH, 2024

From the Alentejo’s regionalism, “abaladiça” is the last drink you have before leaving a bar or a party. One for the road, consumed at farewell, it marks a special moment: the last round before a journey, be it a return home or the start of a trip or journey. ABALADIÇA, the exhibition by current ESAD.CR’s finalists, is an immersion in the last moments of an extensive sharing between students from the School’s different courses, where the last sip is a symbol of connection, reflection and transition.

From May 8th to 12th, visitors are invited to witness the final act of these students, passing through corridors, atriums, classrooms and ateliers, questioning the works and the processes, deconstructing patterns and posing new questions to the contemporary world. Each work, each object, opens up a narrative, a unique and singular expression that invites reflection. The exhibition marks the culmination of several years of learning, self-discovery and the challenges of the imminent entry into the professional art world, differently expressed in dreams, anguish, fear, emptiness, curiosity, nostalgia, enthusiasm and daring. From toasts among friends to solitary journeys, from promises of what’s to come to memories of what has been, we celebrate both this farewell and its step forward.