The ESAD.CR Artist Book subject program is linked to a pedagogical project started in 2011 – Editions of Sala 5. An assembling project that brings together pages prepared by students, where each one brings their own authorial work developed in the studio. These pages take shape in drawing, printmaking, painting, collage and digital printing processes, which makes some pages multiple and others unique. Not all pages are signed or numbered, this decision is left to the author of each page. The philosophy of the first assemblings from the 1970s is recovered, a work in collaboration between several authors, for which the editor only asks for contributions and defines the number of copies, questioning and dissolving the conventional authorial role of the editor. All authors involved in the assembly participate in the definition and production of the publication. Which makes the nine volumes already published of Sala 5 take different forms due to the collaborative nature. This assembling is the result of artistic practice linked to a network of human relationships that arise in the context of the school.

This book was edited and published in times of social isolation. Between April 20 and May 11 from 2020, we met every Monday morning, via Zoom, and exchanged many emails to reach this publication. The title of this volume appears in the seven languages spoken by the students of the Artist’s Book subject – Portuguese, English, Italian, German, Polish, Turkish and traditional Chinese.