Estar Suspenso

“Estar suspenso” ( to be suspended) is the title which presents the performances developed in the class of performance, corpo e dispositivo from the bachelor’s course of Fine Arts from ESAD.CR. Throughout the semester it was noticeable the presence of the interruptions which we found ourselves forced to integrate and comply with in our lives in this time of the pandemic, the loss of physical contact was an unavoidable issue, a hug of a friend, the sight of a familiar smile  or even a handshake, all of it brought the class to a position where experimentation lead a new way to create as a response to the absence of these mundane gestures. In what kind of ways did all of these diverse masks which all of us had become so occupied and accustomed to, change when confronted with paths generated by an experimental caracter developed through empathy to others and with the world around us? “Estar Suspenso” is an invitation to all of these distinct “masks” brought to the performance practices in order to merge it all into a state of balance between bodies and beings.