Exhibition ESAD.CR Fine Arts`students

Galeria NovaOgiva, Óbidos 

Opening July 14, 17h Through September 11 
Wednesday to Monday, 10h-13h/14h-17h 

Based on the title of one of the most enigmatic works by Erving Goffman, the influential Canadian sociologist, the exhibition “The Self in Everyday Life” was presented in May 2022 at the Escola Superior de Artes e Design das Caldas da Rainha. In this exhibition, celebrating the school’s 30th anniversary, we presented works by all finalists. Titled “Every Day”, this new exhibition takes place in a contemporary art gallery and showcases selected artworks by finalists from undergraduate and master’s degrees in Fine Arts. Resulting from a joint journey at ESAD.CR, the collective whose creation process is shared here comprises individuals who have had their everyday life rooted in academia for the past few years. It is in that daily life that students explore and discover their individual, social and artistic identity: their persona.

In the works, objects and ideas presented in this exhibition, substitutes for the presence of the students themselves are used, including clues and symbols that reflect their individual and collective memory, leading to the conception of appearances. Goffman states that “the more the individual is concerned with the reality that is not available to perception, the more must [they] concentrate [their] attention on appearances.” Paradoxically, these appearances do not correspond to the totality of reality, insofar as each being presupposes the existence of a unique filter of reality arising from their experiences and, therefore, their perception will always be their own interpretation.