Digital Media Design


Digital Media Design

Course Type: Short Cycles


Digital media technology is at the core of modern life. In work, in education, in leisure and entertainment, the devices and the digital tools are widely disseminated. The way in which we communicate, socialize and act bases itself more and more on digital media. Furthermore, Design continues to shape the contemporary experience. The products and services that we use, the environment in which we live, the information that we use or see, all of this is designed with a specific purpose. Even things which are not digital, are normally, designed digitally.
The TeSP course in Digital Media Design aims to technically qualify students, so that they may design, conceive, and implement digital media solutions independently and, in a team, contribute to the planning, development, management and maintenance of digital multimedia products, thus contributing to the fulfilment of digital communication needs of companies and institutions. The course aims to initiate and complement the training already offered by ESAD.CR in its fundamental areas, covering, from a technical point of view, the specific area of digital media design, thus allowing the continuation of studies in Undergraduate courses and others. The study plan includes an important component of general training, namely in communication, professional practice and digital culture, which together with the knowledge of a set of current and comprehensive technologies and the creation and edition of digital media, facilitate the integration of students in companies or institutions. This allows them to collaborate in the design and development of these types of contents, or even in the establishment of their own businesses, taking into account the vast demand for products and services in this area.

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Course Supervisor

António Alberto dos Santos Costa