The Council Department is a management structure of the department and, according to article 45 of the ESTG Statutes, its functions are:

  • Support the coordinator in the day-to-day management of the department;
  • Decide on the designation of professors to integrate the scientific-pedagogical commissions of the study cycles;
  • Decide on the allocation of course units to departments;
  • Articulate with the coordinators of the study cycles the proposals for changes in the study plans and correlative curricular transition regimes;
  • Comment on proposed rules and regulations for the day-to-day management of the department;
  • Decide on the proposal for the appointment and dismissal of the heads of laboratories and resource centers;
  • To express an opinion on all issues that are submitted to it by the competent bodies;
  • To express an opinion on requests for grants, scholarships, mobility, leave of absence and unpaid leave of absence of the department’s teachers when the absence exceeds 30 days;
  • To approve the proposal for the distribution of the teaching service and the heads of the curricular units, to be submitted to the technical-scientific council;
  • To express an opinion about the proposal of the maximum annual number of new admissions, as well as the maximum number of students that can be enrolled in the study cycle in each academic year and the rules for admission;
  • To express an opinion about the delegation of competencies by the department coordinator to a teacher in the department;
  • Propose the signing of protocols, contracts and other agreements with public and private entities, national or foreign, in its field of action;
  • Exercise the other functions provided by law, the statutes, and the regulations.


Council Department Coordinator

Carlos Manuel
Gomes da Silva

Members: Third Council Department (31/07/2021 – )

Alexandra Carvalho - Membro eleito
Alexandra Cristina
Pinheiro Carvalho
Cátia Crespo - Membro eleito
Cátia Claudemira
Cordeiro Fernandes Crespo
Cristina Sá- Membro eleito
Cristina Isabel
Branco de Sá
Lígia Febra- Membro eleito
Lígia Catarina
Marques Febra

Manuel Portugal - Membro eleito
Manuel Aníbal Silva Portugal Vasconcelos Ferreira
Neuza Ribeiro - Membro eleito
Neuza Manuel
Pereira Ribeiro Marcelino
Nuno Reis - Membro eleito
Nuno Manuel
Rosa dos Reis
Vítor Hugo Ferreira - Membro eleito
Vítor Hugo
Santos Ferreira