Infografia na cozinha

The culinary recipe aims to present the necessary steps for the preparation of a particular dish. It consists of the indication of the ingredients to be used and respective quantities and the sequence of certain actions to obtain the desired result. It works as a product formula that aims to instruct whoever proposes to reach a certain result. This dissertation has as main objective the development of a system that aims to streamline the process of representation and assimilation of the information necessary to make a cooking recipe. It also intends to analyze and frame previously implemented systems that start from the same principles and that have the same objectives. Thus, the methods created in the past that sought in an iconic and systematic way the transmission of information, namely the pictogram and the infographics, become relevant. The content of this dissertation is divided into four phases: the historical framework, where the history and evolution of the cookbook is analyzed, the consequences of female emancipation and the change in reading habits caused by the use of the internet; the theoretical framework, which analyzes the main concepts and theories associated with the theme of visual communication and culminates in the analysis of the most relevant variables of the principles of visual language; the practical framework, which includes the study of cases where the concept of pictogram has been developed and used consistently and the analysis of a cookbook that uses infographics; and finally, a practical project is developed based on the information collected in the previous phases. The project aims to develop a system that makes the cookbook simpler and more intuitive.