Big Bang

23/24.02 Isabel Baraona / Catarina Leitão
02/03.03 Luis Henriques / Lucas Almeida 
16/17.03 Ana Torrie / Samuel Ornelas 
23/24.03 Gonçalo Duarte / Bruno Reis 
30/31.03 Miguel Carneiro / Bruno Borges

It is thought that the Big Bang was the expansion of an initial concentrated state, of our universe into galaxies, and that all this matter is still expanding today. 

Trying to think of a starting point is fruitless: logic makes it absurd. Which came first: the motion or the vacuum? the word or the dance? the wind or the weather? the pit or the lair? 

The end is always more certain than the beginning. Measuring magnitudes are endless pirouettes to find solutions. The paradox is more fun: standing in front of the abyss and taking a step forward. We consider our acts with expanding melodies, tracks of sound without beginning or end. Appreciate the movements and not their ends. Climb up the ladder and grab the redwood by the branches. 

Taking advantage of ESAD.CR’s large-format press, we will invite graphic artists to make this climb in a workshop context, working on matrixes for printing in loco in two sessions of one day each. The only guiding rule will be to respect the unique printing format of 100cm x 70xm. Looking and working at this scale will slightly deplete this idea of finitude: depleting one limit will open up others. 

In each session we will have 2 graphic artists working at the same time, enlightening those present (with sessions open to students and the school community in general) about their methods, printing their matrices generating a series of 20 tests.

Organized by: Ricardo Castro