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Industrial Design


Industrial Design

Course Type: Undergraduate Programmes


The lndustrial Design Undergraduate course is part of the educational offer of ESAD.CR, in particular, the design education, providing its students with skills in one of the main focus areas of the school, namely the training of professionals in the specific field of industrial and product design. They acquire a project-oriented culture with high ethical sense and social responsibility and gain capabilities to carry out project activities integrated in different production scenarios by optimizing the effectiveness and sustainability of the products developed. Focused on project studio practice, the cycle of study trains professionals, providing them with expertise, both material and conceptual. This enables them to develop and communicate design projects, in a unique creative identity and with a critical awareness of the contemporary creative processes and emergent areas of project-culture design. The lndustrial Design Undergraduate course provides students with skills that enable them to design both effectively and independently, while also adopting a proactive attitude and acting as a stimulus for economic growth. We believe that this is the way to ensure their employability and, simultaneously, stimulate industrial and social development.

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Course Supervisor

Luís Pessanha