Visita de estudo SOCEM - 14/11/2023
SOCEM visit – 14/11/2023
Visita de estudo SOCEM - 14/11/2023
SOCEM visit – 14/11/2023
Provas Públicas - Sílvia Reis da Silva - 10/11/2023
Public examinations – Sílvia Reis da Silva – 10/11/2023
Provas Públicas - Nicole Sebastião Vieira - 07/11/2023
Public examinations – Nicole Sebastião Vieira – 07/11/2023
Provas Públicas - Ana Carina Barreiros Percheiro - 03/11/2023
Public examinations – Ana Carina Barreiros Percheiro – 03/11/2023
Provas Públicas - Bárbara da Fonseca Antunes - 02/11/2023
Public examinations – Bárbara da Fonseca Antunes – 02/11/2023
Provas Públicas - Mariana oliveira - 30/10/2023
Public examinations – Mariana oliveira – 30/10/2023
Visita à ESTG/DGE da Universidade Feevale
 Feevale UNIVERSITY VISIT (16/05/2022)

IX Relationship Marketing Days

IX Relationship Marketing Days

IX Relationship Marketing Days

IX Relationship Marketing Days

IX Relationship Marketing Days

IX Relationship Marketing Days

IX Relationship Marketing Days

IX Relationship Marketing Days

IX Relationship Marketing Days

Public examinations year 2019

Public examinations year 2019

Public examinations year 2019

VIII Relationship Marketing Days

VIII Relationship Marketing Days

VIII Relationship Marketing Days

VIII Relationship Marketing Days

wine tourism seminar 2018/19

wine tourism seminar 2018/19

VIII Relationship Marketing Days

wine tourism seminar 2018/19

VIII Relationship Marketing Days

VI Relationship Marketing Days

VI Relationship Marketing Days

V Relationship Marketing Days

V Relationship Marketing Days

V Relationship Marketing Days

V Relationship Marketing Days

get-together 1st edition master’s degree in relationship marketing

school year 2017/13/8 class

V Relationship Marketing Days

II Relationship Marketing Days


school year 2012/13 class



Scholarships and Awards

Best Paper Award in the Marketing area at the XXIII Luso-Spanish Scientific Management JourneysPaper Presented: “The Determinants of Brand Loyalty”


Raquel Silva e Cruz

Best Paper Young Researchers Award at the XXIX Luso-Spanish Scientific Management MeetingsPaper Presented: “The Influence of Storytelling on Consumer Perceptions, Attitudes and Behavior”


Ricardo Cardoso


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Rebeca Oliveira – International Student (Brasil),
Studying for a Master’s degree in Relationship Marketing at the IPL has been a very rich experience. The courses are approached in such a way that we can think internationally, thus expanding our view to the global, to learning and to living with people. It has been a pleasant, intense experience of exchanging knowledge and customs. The way I am welcomed by the professors makes me sure that I chose the right institution for this time of learning.
Ana Guerra
The Master in Relationship Marketing was the best investment I could have made and proved to be an essential lever in the progression of my professional life! It is a very complete and well structured course, accessible to people from any area of training. The teachers of the course are excellent professionals and incredible human beings, always willing to collaborate with students.
Ricardo Cavadas
…in 2011, I came across the Relationship Marketing Curricular Unit and I began to reposition myself. From a simple business need, was born a personal need to acquire knowledge and skills to create lasting relationships with market players. This is how I entered the Master in Relational Marketing in 2012. …All my professional (and personal!) success would not be possible without a well-organized structure, with competent people, and above all, knowledgeable of the needs of their students, which was remarkable in the Master in Relationship Marketing. Endowed with an enriching curriculum structure and shaped to new technologies and marketing trends, I consider the master a reference for the experience of its teachers in the business area (and of course, in the taste for teaching) and for the teaching tools made available to students...
João Grilo
Paulo Martins
Being a techie, I believed that truly building a B2B relationship (which I would call partnership = customer-supplier relationship) was the way to go, complemented, of course, with digital marketing. The content of the Relational Marketing master’s degree proposed this, somehow. And that’s how I felt throughout it. Was it fruitful? Yes, and even in the final work I created a methodology / tool that we still use today in our company inCentea. Looking at today’s distance, things have changed and adapted progressively to digital, yes. All this is true. However, it is no less true that – and I recall a book I recently read “This Is Marketing: To Be Seen You Must Learn To See” by Seth Godin, 2019 – very pragmatically, digital Marketing is a complement, but business is still sustained on human relationships of mutual trust and partnership. Marketing can never forget this reality when defining its strategic path..
Margarida Rodrigues
the best decisions I have made academically. With a degree in Law, the Marketing area was a real challenge, which involved the acquisition of other skills, the development of different perspectives of analysis, and the mastery of new contents. Going back to school almost 20 years after graduating was extremely rewarding in personal and professional terms. I found a very well organized master’s program, with excellent professionals, with high academic, personal and professional skills. I feel an enormous gratitude to the teachers for having helped me to get further.


Academic Works


Title of the work

Student’s name


Marketing Plan applied to VALOR RH, Lda.

Gonçalves, Patrícia Vilhena Soares


Determinants of female consumers’ purchase intention of luxury products: the impact of culture

Rocha, Caroline Briese Martins


Relationship between virtuous leadership, happiness and employee performance: the moderating role of

Godinho, Joana Eduarda Antunes


The effects of the follower-influencer relationship on parasocial interaction and consumer behavior

Barreiros, Patrícia Sofia dos Reis


Eco-efficient product packaging, influence on emotional attachment to the brand and consumer purchase intention

Silva, Tânia Marisa de Jesus Nunes Coelho


The impact of CRM implementation on consumer behavior, satisfaction, and retention

Miguel, Margarida Domingues


The impact of online tourism promotion on the intention to go sightseeing in Sardinia

Ribeiro, Sara Maria Ferreira


The determinants of the choice of destination Portugal by Brazilian tourists: the role of online information search

Ferreira, Karina Vargas


The impact of tourist destination attachment and environmental sustainability on behavioral intention

Henriques, Ana Cristina Diniz


Consumers’ affective engagement with young and old brands: the impact of functional value, social value, and trust

Santos, José Amândio Ferreira dos


Destination Branding: The Effects of Cognitive and Resident Image on the Affective Image of the Tourist Destination and its influence on WOM

Gomes, Dora Sofia Fernandes


Market Segmentation: Creating a Database in a Tourism Company (in Portuguese)

Luso, Carlos Miguel Gameiro Martinho Gomes


Communication Plan for Startup Leiria (in Portuguese)

Nogueira, Mariana Pereira


Determinants of the Adoption of Sustainable Fashion Behaviors by Portuguese Consumers (in Portuguese)

Rijo, Susana Maria Figueiredo Lopes


Development of a Communication Plan for Startup Leiria (in Portuguese)

Sequeira, Ana Sofia Marques


Branding in the digital environment: an analysis of the use of digital branding in communication strategies (in Portuguese)

Filipe, Tânia Isabel Jacinto


Digital Marketing and Digital Communication (in Portuguese)

Ferreirinha, Alexandra Maria Rocha


Determinants of purchase intention of green products: the influence of culture (in Portuguese)

Noá, Maria Alexandrina de Matos


The importance of internal marketing and the role of happiness and team cohesion on individual performance and customer orientation: the Hilti case (in Portuguese)

Ribeiro, Mariana Marques


Relationship Marketing in Higher Education Institutions: the case of student mobility in FCCEE of the Universidade de Vigo (in Portuguese)

Calvo, Franco Ismael


Taking the mental lead in one-on-one negotiation and closing the sale with the SOPRAR® System (in Portuguese)

Vaz, José António Fernandes


The impact of channel integration quality on omnichannel retailer purchase intention, mediated by perceived fluency, customer engagement and positive WOM (in Portuguese)

Amaral, Anna Luisa Azambuja


The Impact of Visual Merchandising on Impulse Buying Behavior (in Portuguese)

Jorge, Liliana Raquel Santos


Sustainability Communication (in Portuguese)

Ribeiro, Isa Margarida de Melo


Motivations and barriers to the purchase of electric vehicles in Portugal (in Portuguese)

Gonçalves, Nuno Miguel Borges


Study of the determinants of customer satisfaction of the Parfois brand (in Portuguese)

Neves, Ana Carolina Silva


Marketing Plan Applied to Essential Madeira Islands (in Portuguese)

França, César Augusto Correia Pimenta de


Brand gender identity : the impact of brand androgyny on purchase intention (in Portuguese)

Matos, Ana Sofia Mendes


City identity as a determinant of satisfaction and loyalty to the city of Santarém (in Portuguese)

Marques, Vanda Marisa Gomes Ferreira


Digital marketing applied to Internet content (in Portuguese)

 Nicolas Garin


The Influence of Online Customer Reviews on Consumer Intention to Buy (in Portuguese)

Loureiro, Miguel Filipe de Sousa


The importance of internal marketing in employees engagement and performance: the mediating role of happiness (in Portuguese)

Silva, Adriana Patrícia Martins da


The impact of social media marketing activities on brand loyalty, consumer engagement, and value awareness (in Portuguese)

Matias, Nuno Miguel Romualdo


Marketing compliance, protection and management of personal data implementation of the general data protection regulation (in Portuguese)

Brito, Daniela Magro de Oliveira


The relevance of empowerment in affective commitment, customer orientation and turnover intention of hotel employees (in Portuguese)

Aytekin, Denise de Sousa


Determinants of student loyalty in Portuguese senior universities (in Portuguese)

Violante, Ricardo Jorge Tomás


The technologies in the consolidation of tourism brands in emerging concepts: Tomar, a tourist – cultural project – practical proposal (in Portuguese)

Pires, Hugo Filipe Pereira


Factors determining word-of-mouth communications by clients of thalassotherapy centers in Portugal (in Portuguese)

Carvalho, Bárbara Salgueiro


The influence of storytelling (narrative structure) on consumer perceptions, attitudes and behavior (in Portuguese)

Cardoso, Ricardo Jorge Moita


Personal branding as a differentiation strategy in the job market(in Portuguese)

Guerra, Ana Sofia Bernardo


The management of experiences with territorial brands and its impact on image and satisfaction from the perspective of residents (in Portuguese)

Dias, Sara Seixas


Impact of emotional intelligence on affective commitment and customer orientation (in Portuguese)

Pinto, Maria Jorge Montez Gomes


The impact of experiential marketing on hotel guests’ loyalty (in Portuguese)

Fonseca, João José do Couto


The purchase motivations of luxury brands by Portuguese consumers (in Portuguese)

Pedrosa, Gabriel Alexandre Lopes


The convergence between human resources management and marketing: organizational communication factors influencing internal customer satisfaction (in Portuguese)

Estrela, Andreia Rodrigues


Digital marketing strategies in B2B companies – Americana S.A. (in Portuguese)

Mendes, Marcelo Clemente


Determinants of organizational innovation adoption: a case study in Portuguese industry (in Portuguese)

Miranda, Henrique Jorge Agostinho


The influence of the Internet in international and relational marketing of companies (in Portuguese)

Quintaneiro, Vânia Sofia Soares Correia


The influence of satisfaction in the drug transaction process: determinants and consequences of pharmacy satisfaction towards the supplier (in Portuguese)

Duarte, Francisca Miguel Ramalho Freire


Relationship marketing based on internal marketing: the influence of the leader’s coaching competencies on employees’ responses (in Portuguese)

Menezes, Rita Margarida da Silva Lima de Oliveira


Determinants of purchase intention of passenger car brands (in Portuguese)

Pereira, João Paulo Norberto


The impact of choice factors on international students’ loyalty mediated by satisfaction: the case of Politécnico de Leiria (in Portuguese)

Jorge, Dina Maria Amaro


Eco-innovation and development: how sustainable innovations can confer competitive advantage to organizations – a case study of Dell Inc. (in Portuguese)

Silva, João Paulo Nascimento da


The impact of marketing-mix adaptation on brand image and international customer trust (in Portuguese)

Mendes, Martine Ribau Cardoso


Brand loyalty as a determinant of customer loyalty: a comparative study applied to fuel brands (in Portuguese)

Ribeiro, Maria Inês Pontes


Relationship marketing and integrated marketing communication (in Portuguese)

Santos, Diogo André Marques


Determinants of purchase intention mediated by social media: an exploratory study on fashion consumption in Portugal (in Portuguese)

Ferreira, Diana Rita Coutinho


inCentea MI – the union of marketing and innovation for the success of a new brand (in Portuguese)

Rodrigues, Diana Alexandra dos Santos


The influence of loyalty actions on consumer loyalty in the fashion industry (in Portuguese)

Alves, Sara Gomes


The determinants of attitude and loyalty in online shopping (in Portuguese)

Alves, Ana Isabel Conde Sousa


The influence of loyalty actions on consumer loyalty in the fashion industry (in Portuguese)

Alves, Sara


The determinants of attitude and loyalty in online shopping (in Portuguese)

Alves, Ana Isabel


Lobbying by associations in the EU as a Marketing strategy: the contribution of Portuguese associations to the definition of lobbying by their European counterparts for the benefit of the national economy (in Portuguese)

Gomes, Nuno Miguel Duarte Gomes


The impact of relationship quality, emotions and recommendation on loyalty : the case of Laboratório de Análises Clínicas Elisabete Cavadas (in Portuguese)

Cavadas, Ricardo


The importance of relationships in service procurement (in Portuguese)

Vaz, Patrícia Raquel Carrilho


Customer prospection, communication and the influence of sensory marketing (in Portuguese)

Sousa, João Pedro Cardoso de


Business plan for the implementation of an online tourism platform (in Portuguese)

Gomes, Cristina Alexandra Nunes


The strategic marketing plan – a project for the Bianca brand (in Portuguese)

Bernardes, Cláudia Alexandra Costa


The determinants of perceived value and loyalty to the brands of mobile operators operating in Portugal: the case study of students from ESTG of IPLeiria (in Portuguese)

Silva, Lídia Maria da Cruz


Marketing and mediation: the case of Associação InterMEDIAR (in Portuguese)

Cordeiro, Andreia Isabel Rodrigues


Building customer loyalty programs : concepts, characteristics and reward schemes (in Portuguese)

Duarte, Maria Isabel Pereira


The influence of lovemarks on portuguese consumer satisfaction : the Delta case (in Portuguese)

Sousa, Cátia Sofia Soares


The impact of strategic marketing, in terms of orientations and capabilities, on business performance (in Portuguese)

Mourão, Carolina Corona


Relationship marketing and customer loyalty (in Portuguese)

Rodrigues, Tânia Andreia Cardoso


Market orientation as a way to obtain competitive advantages in organizations (in Portuguese)

Vala, Célia Margarida de Sousa


The determinants of insurance intermediary performance and the moderating effect of culture: the AXA case (in Portuguese)

Gomes, Pedro José Pereira


Marketing plan applied to Livraria Arquivo with a proposal to optimize the communication and sales processes through an e-commerce website (in Portuguese)

Domingos, Marta Silvério


The Relational Marketing and the fidelization of students: a study applied to the CCSo of UFMA-Brazil and to the ESTG of IPL-Portugal (in Portuguese)

Mendes, Maria Raimunda Marques


Impact of portal and online consumer characteristics on satisfaction, trust, and loyalty to the brand (in Portuguese)

Cruz, Raquel Silva


Relationship marketing in children’s consumption (in Portuguese)

Pinho, Ana Regina Rodrigues


The impact of social media on brand equity dimensions and brand purchase intention : an exploratory study (in Portuguese)

Laranjeiro, Luísa Paula Grave


The impact of brand personality on different levels of brand loyalty – the case of private labels (in Portuguese)

Machado, Carla Madalena da Silva


Determinants of word-of-mouth communications among students in Portuguese vocational schools (in Portuguese)

Rodrigues, Teresa Margarida Oliveira


Social Media as a customer relationship tool: the case of Facebook in airlines (in Portuguese)

Barra, João Tiago Roda


The factors that influence the formation of the image of higher education institutions : the case of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria from the perspective of secondary school teachers in the district of Leiria (in Portuguese)

Rodrigues, Susana Leonor


The impact of CRM on customer loyalty in the B2B market of the building materials sector (in Portuguese)

Silva, Jorge Duarte